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12 November 2014 @ 05:58 pm
Hey guys,

you probably already heard that SHINee will perform in March 2015 at Tokyo Dome. A friend and I will be in Tokyo at that time and we would love to go to that concert. We just don't know how to get tickets and I read somewhere that you can only get tickets when you are member of the official Japanese SHINee fanclub.
Is anyone of you in the official Japanese SHINee fanclub, knows someone who is in there or can help me otherwise?
I would really appreciate your help.
08 November 2014 @ 05:55 am
Title: Cherem
Rating: PG-15
Genre: Fantasy, AU
Characters: Taemin (SHINee), Hyunjoong (SS501), the rest of SHINee, SS501 and other cameos
Pairing(s): Taemin!centric, Minho/Taemin, platonic!Jinki/Taemin, OT4
Warning: Rating will go up in later chapters
Summary: When Lee Taemin gets deported down from his comfortable position in the weather division to a strange division known only to most as ‘the Store’, he gets tangled up in the stuff that should stay safely in his daydreams. Three difficult house-spirits, plenty of strange, needy customers, one clumsy but strangely mysterious store-keeper, and one particularly curious customer who seems to keep coming back only when Taemin is around.

It’s all fun, but wishes are desires are dangerous things. And soon, Taemin begins to wonder if he’s biting off more than he can chew…

(“You know I can’t, Hyunjoong. That’s what you get for asking me a favour when you’re already in debt.”)
08 July 2014 @ 05:02 pm

Title: The Golden Cliff
Pairing: Jongkey
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fantasy, Drama
Summary: Key is what people would call a demon, a siren. People called his kind dangerous, but no one knew how prisoned they really were. And how much pain they had to endure in their life. So he wasn`t surprised to find a new pray at a stormy night, but he never expected the outcome of this unusual meeting.
Poster: I made it myself, pls don`t get confused with the name. :)

01 - 02 - 03

SHINee SMTown Week
Photo Set (A4 size) 30SGD

SHINee World 3 Concert
Wappen Badge Set 18SGD
Postcard Set 24SGD

Also available:
Everybody Mini Album
Album Only: 3SGD
Bookmark Only (Taemin/Onew): 2SGD
Photocard Only (Onew/Jonghyun/Minho): 9SGD
Poster Only (Taemin/Group): 5SGD

Please email me at shineejpnkr@gmail.com :)