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01 May 2011 @ 12:14 am
Coveted - Chapter 1  
  Title: Coveted {1/??}
Genre: Dark, AU, Smut, Angst
Warning: Language, Smut, Toys
Disclaimer: I don't own them... /cries
Summary: Since he could remember Taemin had always been a slave for the prestigious Kim Family, the head of all the gangs in Seoul and Companies known around the world. Sold into the family by his father to pay for all his debts, he became a sex slave for them and anyone they allow. Finally after 18 years of living like a doll, Taemin is treated like a human by one of Jonghyun's best childhood friends-Minho. But When Minho tries to take Taemin away from his lifestyle he's stopped by many obstacles along the way. Jonghyun's sadistic love for his three sex slaves- Taemin, Kevin, and Key he'll do anything to keep his prized possession's.


“Mast-ter... I’m sor-rry I disappointed you, mas-ster...”