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23 November 2015 @ 11:05 pm
Glad I Met You  

Type- One-shot fanfic
Pairing- Jongkey, ninja 2Min
Genre- collegeau
Disclaimer- Feels.
Rating- Any age
Summary- They meet on the roof, in darkness.

They met in the darkness, hands outreached.
Key couldn't see anything except the glow of his armband, and when he saw a similar armband bobbing up and down some distance away, he felt his heart rise, even though he had come there, to the roof of his dorm, to be alone. "Hello?" He called out. There was no answer. "Who are you?" Key asked. "Hello?" Suddenly, Key felt a warm body surround his, maybe a little too tightly.
"Yah! Who the fuck- let me go!" Key shouted. A muscled arm slid around his waist, and Key could feel hot breaths on his neck. "I'm sorry." A shaky deep male voice said. "I'm very scared of the dark." Key didn't move. Key reached up and patted the other man's back awkwardly. "So. You're from SM Uni?" Key asked, pointing to the armband. He was trying to make conversation.
"Yeah." The man said. "Music Dept. You?"
"Art," Key answered. "How come you're here?" Key asked, and he felt the man pull away and grab his hand instead. Key felt cold air whoosh into the absence of the stranger and realized he liked those strong hands, that warm body.
"I'm here for the view." The man said, and Key knew it was only half the truth. "I didn't know it would be so dark." He admitted sheepishly.
"I'm Key. Who are you?"
"Jonghyun. Kim Jonghyun."
"Hmm." Key said.
"Why are you here?" Jonghyun asked. Cool air whipped around their ankles. The city below was dark.
"I wanted to be alone.." Key said. Jonghyun whispered a small oh and withdrew his hand, but Key grabbed it again. "I don't mind you." Key said, shrugging. "I like you." Jonghyun was strangely quiet after that. "Tell me about yourself." Key said. Jonghyun, standing next to him, was radiating so much sadness and fear, it almost made Key depressed. "Wait- I think- aha." Key said, and just the next second, a small light shone between them. Key lifted it up to Jonghyun's face. Jonghyun, blinded for a few seconds, put a hand to cover his eyes.
"Sorry." Key said. "I just thought of it now." Jonghyun looked down, and when he saw the ancient Nokia phone shining a light for them, threw his head back and laughed. "What? Yah, stop laughing!" Key felt offended. This phone had done more for him than any person on Earth. "Nothing, sorry- it's just- you sounded so sophisticated- and this-" Jonghyun gasped between fits of laughter. Key realized tears were streaming down the man's eyes. "Stop it, Jonghyun.." Key whispered. Jonghyun stopped laughing, but the tears didn't stop.
Then Key looked into his eyes.
Endless, soft pools of sad chocolate. Key saw his perfect nose and chapped lips. He saw the sharp cheekbones and muscled body under a wifebeater.
"You're shorter than me, so shut up." Key hissed. "Don't offend my Nokia." He said, jokingly. Jonghyun wiped the tears off and raised his hands in surrender. "Alright, alright. It has saved our lives up here after all."
"Let's go sit on the edge." Jonghyun suggested. "What? No! Bad idea." Key said, horrified. "Why?" Jonghyun asked. "I'm scared of heights." Key whispered.
"I came into the dark, Key. Do this for me." Jonghyun pleaded, and took Key's soft, porcelain hand so delicately. Key hesitantly followed. When they reached the edge, Key's breathing came out faster. "No, no, no, no." Key muttered under his breath. "Come on, it's okay, I'm here." Jonghyun coaxed. When Key swung his legs over the edge and sat down, he realized his eyes were tightly screwed shut. Key felt a strong, warm, slightly calloused hand trace his jaw, and slowly push his face to the side. "Key.." Jonghyun whispered. "It's not scary."
Then Key felt soft lips on his, and time seemed to stop. He felt Jonghyun's mouth move against his, and his calloused guitar-player's hands softly trace his jaw, his neckline, his cheekbones. Key had never thought of his sexuality, but right then, he knew he was very much attracted to Jonghyun.
When Jonghyun pulled away, both of them breathless, Key opened his eyes and realized the height wasn't terrifying at all. "See? I told you." Jonghyun said.
"Jonghyun.. I'm sorry, I can't-" Key started to tell him how he couldn't get involved with anyone right now, especially with another man, when Jonghyun smiled sadly and nodded. "I know. I just needed that. I don't expect anything more." Jonghyun said. Key felt relief, and sorrow flood his heart. "Jonghyun. Sing something for me."
"I don't want to go down... my roommates are doing that Ouija board thing, and I don't want to. If not that, Minho and Taemin might be getting it on, and that's even worser."
"Who are your roommates?"
"Minho, Taemin and Onew. Sports, dance and Art respectively." Key answered, smiling as he thought about his best friends. "What about you?"
"Nah, I live alone."
"Wow, really?"
Their luxurious dorm housed students from universities all over Seoul, and getting a room wasn't an easy, or cheap matter. Key's family had had to pool money with Minho, Taemin and Onew to get a room for all four of them. Getting a single room was almost impossible unless your family had really great influence.
"Yeah." Jonghyun said.
"You changed the subject!" Key accused. "Sing for me, Jjongie." The nickname slipped out of Key's mouth before he could stop it, and he blushed when he realized. Jonghyun didn't seem to notice.
"Okay, fine. I'll sing this song I wrote, it's called 'End Of A Day.'"
Jonghyun cleared his throat, and sang. Key felt every syllable that came from Jonghyun's mouth. The lyrics were profound, and the meaning was beautiful. And the emotion. Oh, the emotion that Jonghyun poured into every word made Key shiver. When Jonghyun finished, the silence he left behind shone just as brilliantly as his song. Key clapped loudly into the darkness. His Nokia light flickered once, twice, then turned off. "I guess Nokia phones run out of battery too." Jonghyun said. Key chuckled softly. "That was beautiful, Jjong."
Jonghyun didn't reply.
"So. Tell me about yourself. I already told you my roommates' names."
"What about me?"
"Well.. my mother's a model, and my father's the CEO of KM Industries. My noona's married and living in Australia. I'm studying music even though nobody wants me to. I have no friends to speak of, and no close family. Um.. that's it, I guess."
"Yah!" Key shouted, and hit Jonghyun on the back of his head. "You kissed me, sang to me and you still don't consider me a friend?" Key demanded.
"I- I'm sor-"
"You have four friends now. Any friend of mine will be a friend of my friends too." Key announced. Jonghyun smiled that sad smile again. "Thanks, Key. I'm glad I met you." Jonghyun said. Key felt Jonghyun's head rest on his shoulder. "Hey.. you okay?" Key asked.
"Fine.." Jonghyun said. Suddenly, startling them both, the lights snapped on. Below them, the city lights of Seoul flooded back on, and Key heard cheers from the dorm. "Whoo, that's beautiful." Key whispered. The city that never sleeps was right, Key thought. "Not as beautiful as you.." Jonghyun said. "I wish I hadn't done it."
"Done what?" Key asked and looked at Jonghyun. Key was trying very hard not to spontanously combust because this man had just called him beautiful. Jonghyun's eyes were filled with tears, and when Key saw this, he felt his eyes fill, too. "J- Jjong? Done what?"
Then he noticed the small black bag in the shorter man's hand. The bag with a red skull on it. The bag labelled rat poison. Key lifted his eyes to Jonghyun's.
"Jonghyun, what did you do?!" Key screamed. Jonghyun smiled, and his body went limp. He fell to Key's lap and looked up at him with tears streaming down his cheeks. "I'm very happy I met you, Key. So happy." Jonghyun smiled, satisfied. "You're so.. beautiful.. like an angel.." Jonghyun whispered. Key felt his heart stop, time stop. "No, no, no.." Key said. He cradled Jonghyun's head in his hands and tried to stand, but Jonghyun held his wrist. "Don't. Don't, Key, please.." Jonghyun said weakly.
"I'm so happy I met you." Jonghyun said one last time.
Then his eyes rolled to the back of his head, and foam spilt out of his mouth. Jonghyun died in Key's hands, and Key let out a painful, tortured scream into the skies.

This is my very first fanfic, whoohoo. I was in a bit of a sullen mood, and this was what my brain told me to write.. I hope it's good ^^ hopefully I will write happier stuff next time. My otp is Jongkey, so I thought it was fitting that my first fic be about them. Any suggestions for improvement would be welcomed.

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