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29 August 2010 @ 04:41 pm
MinKhun =)  

Title : Damn bracelet (sorry, i suck =P)
Author :
Pairing : Nichkhun/Minho (Minkhun)
Rating : PG
Summary : Minho's needs help putting on his damn bracelet
A/N : Tiny again, sorry =P




"OPPAAAAAAAAAAA" he yelled through the small apartment, his outburst echoing and bouncing off the walls. "Yes Minho"? Nichkhun questioned as he walked over to where his boyfriend was currently standing in the hallway, wearing nothing but a very tight, butt hugging and cute pair of Calvin Klein jeans, looking undeniably every inch the sex god he undoubtedly was.

"Oh there you are"? Minho glanced up, before lowering his head again and fidgeting with the bracelet on his right wrist "I can't get this damn thing on" he groaned and gently stamped his right foot on the carpeted floor. He pouted as he raised his face to Nichkhun's eye level once again, grinning, the Thai man stepped closer and grasped hold of the bracelet, "May i take this opportunity to remind you, that it was I (your amazing and very sexy boyfriend) who bought you THIS damn thing" he looked deep into Minho's eyes, a sly grin spread across his almost too handsome features.

Pulling his hand from Nichkhun's, Minho pulled Nichkhun into a tight embrace, laying his head upon the Thai boys shoulder, face in towards his neck, lips almost grazing the soft, pale skin there "I know Khunnie, i'm sorry baby, i love it" he pulled back to look into Nichkhun's eyes once again but not before placing a chaste kiss on the tender skin on his boyfriends exposed neck.

"You know i do" Nichkhun nodded his head, ghost of a smile still playing on his lips "I know you do boo, i was only playing". Minho smiled as he gently prodded Nichkhun playfully in the ribs, taking a back step to avoid the fingers threatening to poke into his rib cage, Nichkhun laughed "I thought you liked it when i played" he asked, voice laced with seduction, causing Minho to laugh too "I do Khunnie, BUT" he paused for effect "only when you play nice".

Nichkhun threw his head back, raucous laughter escaping his throat bout after bout "That's not what you were saying last night" he grabbed Minho around his waist as he hoisted him up, fireman style and threw him over his shoulder "KHUNNIE, PUT ME DOWN" Minho giggled in between his gasps for breath "Uh uh, im going to show you" Nichkhun replied, wiggling his trademark eyebrows in the process, which went totally unnoticed of course by a certain 'Flaming Charisma' boy, who by this point was kicking his legs and flailing around like a fish out of water.

"Show me what"? the second the question had passed Minho's lips, he wished he could take it back, his schedule was full today and he was running 45 minutes late as it was. He not only heard the reply from his boyfriend, he felt it as a low rumbling laugh escaped his lips "How i can play nice too".

Laying neglected and totally forgotten, at least for the time being was the shiny, expensive silver bracelet that started the whole scenario in the first place.


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