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10 September 2015 @ 02:26 pm
White casts and Valentine wishes  
Pairing: JongYu
Genre: fluff; AU

It wasn’t anything serious.

Nothing to worry about, the doctor had said.

But he worried.

How could he not.

It was his fault.

His fault that his boyfriend was now laying on a hospital bed covered in cuts and bruises, a white cast adorning his right leg.

They had been arguing over the phone when it happened.

One minute he could hear his boyfriend yelling and the next there was a loud screech followed by the line getting disconnected.

He watched from the outside as his boyfriend tried to reach out for the juice, face all scrunched up, looking more of a puppy reaching out to his favourite chew toy. When the doctor finally gave him the green signal, he walked into the room, balloons, flowers and chocolates in hand, a sorry smile plastered across his face.

The bruised man’s eyes wandered all over the room except for the only other living person in the room as he sucked on his juice box. He refused to make eye contact as he watched the other boy tie the balloons to the bedpost, put the flowers in the vase and place the chocolate on the side table.  He looked straight ahead as the taller boy looked at him, sighed, sat on the bed with his back facing him.

“Considering you’re not going to look at me while I talk I think I’ll sit like this. You know I didn’t mean for this to happen. It wasn’t my fault I had to cancel our date tonight. I’ve been working towards this account for month. Who knew they wanted to meet tonight to finalise the deal.  And I know I’ve been ignoring you a little lately. Okay, okay a lot. Don’t nudge me.  I’m sorry. But hey, you know better than walking on the road with a phone in your ear. It’s not the first time you’ve had a small accident. Ow ow okay okay no need to pinch me. Does this mean I’m forgiven?”

The man on the bed watched his boyfriend turn around, hands on his ears looking at him goofily. His anger had washed over the minute he had seen the boy outside the hospital window with the very many gifts. He noticed a pen in the man’s hands.

“Did you write on my cast?”

He noticed the writing at the sole of his foot and looked up into the warm eyes of the taller man, pulling him closer for a kiss.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you too Lee Jinki.
Happy Valentine’s Day Kim Jonghyun.

 A/N: Here you go Rev