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08 July 2014 @ 05:02 pm

Title: The Golden Cliff
Pairing: Jongkey
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fantasy, Drama
Summary: Key is what people would call a demon, a siren. People called his kind dangerous, but no one knew how prisoned they really were. And how much pain they had to endure in their life. So he wasn`t surprised to find a new pray at a stormy night, but he never expected the outcome of this unusual meeting.
Poster: I made it myself, pls don`t get confused with the name. :)

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12 September 2013 @ 04:33 pm
Title: Love is Not Blind.
Author: theblackmorals

Fandoms: SHINee.
Pairings: Key x Jonghyun.

Genre/type: Canon, adultfic, erotica, one-shot, PWP/Porn Without Plot.
Rating/Warnings: Yaoi/homosexuality/slash, NC17, lemon/explicit sex, sexual situations, m/m, consensual, WAFF/fluff, PWP, (possibly a very small amount of hurt with loads of comfort).

Love is not blind; love is absolutely and completely stupid… - especially when it causes Key to have very wet, very satisfying dreams about his best friend lying in a hotel bed no more than two feet away. Yes, love is a fool’s errand and SHINee’s Key Kibum definitely does not consider himself a fool.

But… his poor heart on the other hand? Well, that’s another story entirely…

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10 September 2013 @ 04:40 pm
Title: Flower Crowns And Daisy Chains
Rating: G
Warnings: one use of the 'f word'
Pairing: Key/Woohyun
Key and Woohyun frolic in the flowers
07 September 2013 @ 06:45 pm
Title: Swan Song
Pairing: Minho/Taemin, Minho/Jonghyun, Onew/Jonghyun, Woohyun/Key
Word Count: 12816
Rating: R
Summary: Minho is not the only one who wants to have Jonghyun. Taemin is not the only one who has a problem with it. Only this is not your average romance. This is war.

Part I || Part II